Annie B's Spanish Kitchen

Culinary Day Classes at Annie B's

Day classes are available upon demand so please contact us if the date you prefer is not listed.

  • Please scroll to the bottom for class description and price.
  • Price may vary depending on numbers of attendees.
  • All classes start at 10am and finish after a long Andalucian lunch around 16.30.
  • They suit all level of cook.
  • Non cooking partners are welcome to join us for lunch.


Monday 1st     Classic Andalucia

Tuesday 2nd   Fish Class with visit to Barbate fish market

Wednesday 3rd  Flavours of Morocco

 Wednesday 10th  Flavours of the Med,  Andalucia & Morocco

Tuesday 16th  Flavours of Morocco

Thursday 18th Flavours of Andalucia 

Friday 19th  Flavours of Andalucia & Morocco

Tuesday 23rd   Fish Day

Wednesday 24th   Flavours of Morocco

Thursday 25th    Sherry Tour - with lunch in Cadiz

Friday 26th   Flavours of Andalucia



Day class  €125 - depending on numbers

Sherry Tour  €185  

Non Cooking partners lunch  €30  

Flamenco Evening €80 

  • Day Classes happening throughout 2014

    Mouthwatering indulgence is the order if the day at Annie B's Spanish Kitchen and you are very welcome to join in for  a delicious day of what ever we have on the menu.

    Starting at 10 am and finishing after a LONG Spanish lunch, it will likely be

    • Fabulous Fish Day  - From tinned tuna & roasted pepper salad to pescado a la Sal with Salsa Verde. We will be preparing wonderful dishes of the zone. Corvina con Papas, Arroz Negro, Boiled Prawns & dipping sauces, clams with Jamón & Sherry to name but a few. We will kick off with a visit to Barbate Mercado d' Abastos to buy pescados for lunch -  if we like it we will buy it!
    • Taste of Andalucía Day - when you will learn about many great secrets that make Andalucían tapas the yummiest in the world. Gazpachos (Garlic & Almond,  Traditional Tomato; Melon & Jamón), Gambas Ajillo, Espinacas con Garbanzos, Albondigas, Pollo con Romero & Tortilla to name but a few
    • Moroccan Day -  think  Modern Arabic cuisine  -  dishes flavoured with spices such as cumin & corriander, cinnamon & saffron, preserved lemons, almonds etc with lashings of parsley & mint. Perfect day for vegetarians.

    Every day will be accompanied by a Sherry and Wine experience.

    If we have  no classes  listed , it doesn't mean they are not happening - they just haven't reached the website yet! Email or call Annie on 620560649  to see what's happening when you are visiting Vejer

    Class Date / Time
    All Day Classes 10:00am