Answers to Annie B’s Lockdown Spanish Food & Wine Quiz

Answers to Annie B’s Lockdown Spanish Food & Wine QuizWine & Sherry

  1. Tempranillo
  2. The Barrel
  3. b
  4. Ancient Moorish measurement 11.5 kilos for pig and 16 litres of Sherry. Isabella and Ferdinand for sure did this to spite the Moors.
  5. Palomino
  6. Bristol glass is blue. Bristol blue glass has been made in Bristol, England, since the 18th century, with a break between the 1920s and 1980s. Harveys since 1990’s
  7. Starts as raisins ie sundried PX grape
  8. Catalyuna. Penedes

Spanish Food

  1. Tomato, peppers, onion, garlic, olive oil
  2. Cold garlic and almond gazpacho (soup)
  3. Crocus
  4. Breed of pig – the black pig gives us Iberico products. They eat acorns
  5. Cephalopod
  6. A coffee with a splash of milk
  7. Harvest of the migrating blue fin tuna which happens off the coast here
  8. Sheep’s milk

People in Spanish food & wine

  1. Jose Andres
  2. Sir Alexander Fleming
  3. Horatio Nelson, arriving January in 1806 after Battle of Trafalgar
  4. Edgar Allan Poe
  5. Sir Francis Drake – or as he is better known in Spain, pirate Sir Frances Drake. The greatest salesman Sherry has ever had!
  6. Mayonnaise
  7. Marmalade
  8. Around 1500, beginning of 16th Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés  in 1521, although Christopher Columbus may have taken them back as early as 1493