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Worshipping in the Tuna Temple of El Campero

After another recent thrilling feast at the tuna temple of El Campero, dining on tuna caught in the 2016 Almadraba, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps it gets better and better each year. It could also, of course, be because my knowledge and appreciation of the subject becomes deeper and more informed. Coming here […]

Reflections on the Almadraba

May is Almadraba month – when the blue fin tuna are migrating right past the coast here in Vejer en route to spawn in the Mediterranean and you can witness this phenomenal event for yourself by coming on one of my glorious 4 day Almadraba  Tours The Almadraba is an ancient fishing method devised by the Phoenician […]

Dining in Vejer de la Frontera

One of the most unexpected thrills of Vejer for a first time visitor is the huge number of eateries hidden away in the beautiful Pueblo Blanco. Then a further surprise is that it is almost impossible to eat badly in this gastronomic paradise. Vejer doesn’t rely just on summer tourists – there are the regular […]

Annie B’s New Year’s Eve Quiz

I don’t play games at any other time of the year but when my family and I get together over the Christmas period we do. This year it was my turn to put together a quiz and of course my chosen topic was Spanish food, wine and culture. While writing my testing questions I thought […]

St Andrew’s Day in Sherry Country

Dia San Andrés (St Andrew’s Day) is not just a special day for Scotland, but for Sherry too. For San Andrés is when the first of the new vintage wine is introduced to the solera–criadera system, used for blending and aging Fino and Manzanilla Sherry wines. It’s a day of celebration to wish the wine well as […]

La Vuelta Heads to a Porcine Finale

    This has to be my photo of the week! On Tuesday 23rd of August, La Vuelta came through and finished Stage 4 in Vejer. The level of excitement was HUGE and being on the street as hundreds of sweaty cyclists whizzed by me, on one of the hottest days of the year, was unforgettable. If […]

Musings on a Tour of Andalucia

In April this year I spent a great day in the kitchen with the mystery writer Jane Grossman, her husband Allen and their friends, Susie and Jay. The delight that registered on their faces when they sipped on the first Manzanilla of the day alongside a tapa of Mojama was the BEST!! Jane wrote a […]

Best Things to Do in Vejer de la Frontera

Over the years I’ve whiled away many hours in Vejer eating at local tapas bars, exploring the fabulous nearby beaches, and venturing to another continent – Africa. Our beautiful little hilltop town, with its narrow winding streets, whitewashed walls dotted with flowerpots, and medieval castle, is a fabulous place to stay for one of my cooking […]

Spanish Cottage Pie Recipe

My face must always register disappointment when people say they can’t invite me to dinner because they just wouldn’t know what to cook for me. But the fact is that I just love anything that anyone cooks for me as long as the end result is not a runny egg yolk (my food hell is a […]

Moroccan-Style Carrots & Cumin Recipe

From my terrace in Andalucia, you can look across to the north west coast of Morocco, which always fills me with excitement and longing. Here we are in one continent, looking towards another continent, which is so close but yet so far away in terms of culture and cuisine. It’s surprising then, really, that there […]

Review of El Faro in El Puerto de Santa Maria

However far I travel, however wide I roam, of all the delicious dishes I try there is nowhere quite like home! The home I refer to is Costa de la Luz, with its exceptional abundance of natural ingredients. My good friend Carmen Gutierrez of Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia (Gutierrezcolosia.com) has always enthused about El Faro restaurant in […]

Fish with Spring Onions & Ginger Recipe

This zingy Asian fish with spring onions and ginger recipe is a little different from the dishes that generally come out of my kitchen.  That doesn’t stop it from being oh-so simple to cook and absolutely delicious, though. Enjoy! Ingredients You will need: 4 fillets of fish (I prefer white fish) 3 tbs or more of […]

Chorizo and Chestnut Soup Recipe

This hearty winter warmer of a soup is packed with flavour – from the sweetness of the chestnuts to the spicy chorizo and the smoky paprika. Serve with crusty bread and a side salad for a full meal in a bowl. Ingredients You will need: 1 medium onion, peeled, 1 medium carrot, peeled and 1 celery stick.  […]

Chickpea, Orange & Mint Salad Recipe

Got a jar of chickpeas that’s been knocking around your cupboard for ages? Convert them into a delicious, healthy and easy to make dish with my chickpea, orange and mint salad recipe… Ingredients You will need: 1 orange 400g tin chickpeas, rinsed and drained 100g feta cheese, broken into chunks 1 small bunch mint, chopped […]

Partridge with Rice Recipe

Looking for a winter dish to chase off the cold? My partridge with rice recipe is a hearty Spanish stew packed with lots of warming flavours – including plenty of Sherry, of course! Ingredients You will need: 2 partridges, cleaned and cut in half 5 tbs olive oil 4 cloves of garlic – sliced 1 […]

Tortilla de Pepi: Spanish Omelette Recipe

How to make the perfect tortilla is a hotly contested subject in Vejer – everyone has a different opinion on the matter. I’ve been working with Pepi since I started Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen, however, and her family Spanish omelette recipe is a thing of rare, simple beauty. Ingredients You will need: 3 x large […]

Gilding the Txakoli

My Sherry  buddy Chelsea of Isherryweek.com and I decided to head north to Donostia (San Sebastian), the land of Pintxos, Txakoli and crashing waves, to visit her family (Chelsea is half Spanish) and to meet up with Sansebastianfood.com to indulge in a fabulous Gastronomic Society Experience (extra special cooking class) An early morning Malaga departure whisked us to […]

Chorizo Stuffed Baby Squid Recipe

It is no secret that I am a cephalopod monster – if ever I spot pulpo, choco, calamar, chipirones or puntillitas on the menu – it’s mine! So just by chance, I caught a few minutes of BBC 1’s Saturday Kitchen the other weekend. Looking gorgeous slaving over a hot stove was the talented Ben […]

Five of the Best Small Hotels in Andalucia

When it comes to hotels, it’s probably fair to say that Andalucia’s not great at full-blown, international class luxury. But then neither does it need to be when what it isgood at is so much more interesting: charming family-run places. This quick pick of places to stay in southern Spain is a long way short […]

Chocolate and Almond Cake Recipe

(Photograph by Graham Templeton) Delicious, indulgent and it even freezes like a dream – I’ve been making this chocolate and almond cake recipe to rave reviews for years now… Ingredients You will need: 50g dark cocoa powder 100g dark chocolate (70% preferably) 120g peeled almonds 100g butter 100g sugar 3 eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla essence Icing […]

Pepi’s Traditional Seafood Paella Recipe

Summer’s in the air here in southern Spain – and there’s no more summer-y Spanish dish than a seafood paella. This traditional paella recipe from my trusted right-hand cook, Pepi, is authentic, simple and absolutely delicious… Ingredients You will need: 1/2 x red pepper – chopped 1 x onions – chopped 1 x small green […]