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A Love Affair with Squid

I love Cephalopods – not as pets but as one of the most delicious fish to devour. I think I’m correct in saying that this is the family pecking order Pulpo/Octopus Choco/ Cuttlefish Calamar/Squid Chiperones/ hmmmm – smaller squid? Puntillitas/ mini squid They all have ink to fire at predators to blur their getaway path. […]

Sun-kissed Spanish Strawberries

It’s always such a pleasure to return to Vejer when the winter sunshine has encouraged red and juicy strawberries to glow with a shimmery and dewy EAT ME appearance. In Spanish there is a wonderful saying ”Que Buena Pinta”  which means ”what a great look”! Paco my butcher will use the same expression when slicing […]

Only the Green Beans Today

I love the month of June in Vejer. June and September are probably my favourite months. The weather is glorious, brilliant bright sunshine, the bluest of skies and a cooling breeze. There’s always a cooling breeze high on the hilltop. Guests often walk into the coolness of Casa Alegre and say  ”Thank goodness you have […]

Delicious Andalucía

An inspiring interview with José Pizarro, the well known and highly respected Spanish chef. José has a great tapas bar in London called – José. Faboulous tapas prepared using the best ingredients. He is a big fan of Sherry too.  Andalucía is quite a remarkable state. Filled with more gourmet delights than most countries! From […]

Vejer – A Perfect Place to Celebrate

Annie B has teamed up with Casa Amaro www.casaamaro.com  to create a unique and unforgettable experience for a truly epicurious group celebration. Imagine, 5 days and 4 nights of Spanish cooking classes, Sherry tasting, tapas crawls, Vejer dining experiences, market visits, a rooftop Paella party plus a charming traditional patio home all to yourselves!  What […]

Sticky Orange, Almond & Lemon Cake Recipe

Oranges and lemons are the perfect ingredient for bringing a bit of zingy Mediterranean flavour to your table. This cake recipe is delicious – and is even better the next day chilled out of the fridge… Ingredients You will need: 40g breadcrumbs 125g castor sugar (in Spain I only have granulated and it works perfectly) […]


Kumquats are not a typical fruit of Vejer but when Roger and Sara appeared with armfuls of them the other day I realised that maybe they are, or at least could be. After initial enthusiasm and excitement, scratching the skins and eating a few (YUM) – what was I going to do with so many […]

How to Cure Your Olives at Home

Olives: the best in the world – made by you I love olives! Fino and olives are a marriage made in heaven – I struggle to enjoy one without the other. Glistening green crunchy olives are served to you in practically every bar here alongside your wine, beer and Sherry. It’s a lunchtime and early […]