Salt, Fish & Sherry Culinary Tour, in the region of Cadiz

Explore salt production, Sherry tasting and fabulous fish in the Cadiz region, south-west Andalucia.


The history of salt is fascinating. Salt has been one of the main methods of preserving foods for centuries. It’s still very much used here in Andalucia, especially in the production of the world famous Jamon. Here the salt production is based on the proximity to the ocean & has been extracted from the Cadiz area since Phoenician times. The Romans used this salt for preserving fish and producing their garum sauce, whilst in the 15th century, sailors used it for preserving food on their transatlantic voyages to the Americas. But with the advent of refrigeration, the salt industry fell into decline and now only 5 of the many hundreds of salterns now survive.  More recently specialist branded local salt has started to grace our shelves. Without the ocean there would be no salt here and locally this ocean is filled with glorious fish and seafood.   


Barbate is the hub of the Almadraba spring harvest of the migrating Blue Fin Tuna and here they have been preserving this tuna for centuries using local salt. These local salt marshes feed a variety of crustaceans, fish and birds, including flamencos whose pink colour comes from feeding on the saltwater shrimp.  Barbate is also the closest fishing port to Vejer and it’s to here we will head to buy lots of local fish for our cooking class. We will also be visiting a sustainable fish farm close by Barbate to learn how they use the ocean salty water to produce fish and the food for the fish. Hopefully we will be able to see Flamingos here too.


Where ever there is great food, there is great wine. Palomino is the widely grown grape of this area  – the grape used for all the dry Sherry as well as a new wave of aged non fortified white wines. You will be sampling them all during and at least 4 lunches/dinner  will be paired with Sherry/wine. Your Sherry education will take place in Sanlucar de Barrameda where the ocean influence can be felt on your tastebuds

This tour combines a hands on cookery class with culinary outings, including lunch at Spain’s finest tuna restaurant.  You will learn all about the production of salt, fish & Sherry in the region of Cadiz  3 nights in Vejer and 2 in Jerez

This is a tour for the curious foodie with a passion for first-rate cuisine.

Limited to only 8 people!