Morocco – A Culinary Tour of the Imperial Cities

This food tour of Morocco is a dream for me. I gaze towards Morocco every day & it holds such fascination for me. I just can’t resist hoping on the ferry, with or without my car, to immerse myself in the exotic culture, vibrant colours, rich history and delicious food.

These 9 days will be action packed. I aim to share with you my love of Morocco by being with you every step of the way, immersing you in its 4 Imperial cities with food tours, cooking classes, city tours, a winery tour, access to private homes and so much more.

You will be staying in 4 different gorgeous riads hand picked by me on the basis of comfort and location. We will be travelling from city to city by train, private vehicle and air.

In 9 days you will have done more than most people do in a lifetime. Prepare to be exhausted yet energised at the same time.