Sherry Wine Tastings & Education

I love Sherry wine. I’ve done so for decades, but it was only when I got to Vejer that my eyes were opened to just how versatile this fabulous wine of DO Jerez actually is.

Here I discovered that Sherry wine is a perfect example of how the wine of an area is historically made to go with the food of the area. There is a Sherry wine to match every type of food in the world! And my plan is for you to leave me keen to drink Sherry wine throughout a meal.

I attained my qualification as a Sherry Educator in Jerez in 2013. Many bottles before and since have been drained to further my knowledge of this historic wine.

Did you know that Francis Drake was the best salesman Sherry has ever had? Learn more about this and the story of what makes Sherry wine one of the most fascinating wines in the world.

Come to an evening of Sherry tasting and food matching at Annie B’s Spanish kitchen to open your  eyes and hearts to Sherry wine.