La Vuelta Heads to a Porcine Finale

Iberian Pork Cake

Iberian Pork Cake



This has to be my photo of the week!

On Tuesday 23rd of August, La Vuelta came through and finished Stage 4 in Vejer. The level of excitement was HUGE and being on the street as hundreds of sweaty cyclists whizzed by me, on one of the hottest days of the year, was unforgettable. If only all those weary cyclists had known what lay in store for the winner, there would probably have been a surge of energy to get to the finishing line.

Whilst the world looked on totally clueless as to what was happening, we Vejeriegos beamed with pride. For Valverde, the ultra fit and guapo Spaniard, was presented with a spectacular TORTA COCHINA, the inspiration and creation of my food hero in town, Paco Melero. His exceptional butchers shop is a shrine to all spectacular products of Iberian Pork infused with healthy good-for-you fat.

The thrill and pride on our Mayor’s face and the amazement on Valverde’s is made all the more delightful with Señorita Guapisima’s enthusiasm, knowing that what she was looking at, was a plateful of goodness. She probably just couldn’t wait to get her sparkling white chops around these porcine delights.

The rumour I have heard is that Valverde was banned from tucking in because of the fear of drug lacing.

This fabulous edible work of art is created in Paco’s shop using tocino wrapped picos, morcilla, chorizo, lomo en manteca and salchichon. They are available to order and come in their own special cake box too.

As part of my Taste of Andalucia class, a tasting with Paco is essential so come along and find out exactly what these delicious morsels are.

Incidentally, on Saturday 10 October the 1st ever International Lomo en Manteca Day is planned and Vejer will be at the centre of this – just as the lomo en manteca below is at the centre of the Torta Cochina!

Torta Cochina de Paco Melero