Manni & Annie’s Big Fat Spanish Quiz, May 2020

My very good friend Manni Coe is an expert on all aspects of Spanish culture and history. Using his vast knowledge and contacts, he runs wonderful tours in Andalucia as well as the rest of Spain through his company Toma & Coe. He covers a side of Spain I know little about which is why our skills complement each other, offering our clients the most spectacular tours throughout Spain covering history, culture, food and wine. Keeping our clients engaged with Spain during lockdown has been a focus in the hope they return to Spains as soon as they can. And what better way of reminding them to do that than with a Manni & Annie Show!

Spanish Quiz Night

Spanish Quiz Night


Spanish Quiz Night

We announced our quiz via our respective newsletters and social media and were delighted when 43 teams signed up, a total of 103 people from all over Europe, USA & Canada wanted to take part!  We enlisted the help of my wonderful friend Ali to act as score master, which was all done via WhatsApp. We all crammed onto 3 screens on Zoom. Eating tapas, drinking Sherry and fab Spanish wine.

The quiz consisted of 6 rounds of 8 questions and 1 round of 8 photo questions.

Manni’s questions featured “Who am I?” “Spain – general knowledge” & “There is only one Andalucia”. You will find a link to his questions and the answers below.

My 3 sections of questions were “Spanish wine & Sherry”, “Food and wine & people” and “History of Spanish food & wine”.



Spanish Quiz Night

Spanish Quiz Night

The Spanish Quiz Questions…

You can run your own Spanish Food & Wine Quiz at home or on Zoom with your friends and family!

Here are my  3 quiz sections. Copy these questions for your at-home Spanish quiz night. You’ll find a link to Manni’s questions below.  And a link to my answers  too!

Section 1. Spanish Wine & Sherry

1. Rioja and Ribera del Duero are famous for their red wines. Which is the main red grape used in the production?

2. What do Sherry & whisky have in common?

3. Albariño is a really popular wine from the north of Spain which is an excellent match to fish if you don’t have Manzanilla or Fino at hand.

What does the name Albariño mean? Is it;

A)The main town in the DO of Raix Baixas

B)The grape used for the wine

C)The Patron Saint of Galicia. Or,

D)The river that runs through the production zone

4. In a Sherry bodega, you will see an arroba “@” written on the barrels. Also on the papers in an Iberian pig farm. in these situations, what does the @ mean?

5. What is the name of the principal white grape used in the production of ALL dry Sherry?

6. Why is Harvey’s Bristol Cream sold in a blue bottle?

7. The sweetest of all the 8 types of Shery is PX or Pedro Ximenez.  What makes it so dark?

8. The sparkling wine of Spain is called Cava. In which area of Spain is it produced?

Spanish Food & Wine Quiz

Spanish Food & Wine Quiz

Section 2. Spanish Food

1. A sofrito is the base of any paella. Name 3 of the 5 ingredients commonly used.

2. Ajo Blanco is a typical Andalucian dish, what is it?

3. Saffron, commonly used in Spanish cooking, is more valuable than gold by weight. Which flower produces these valuable threads?

4. What is the difference between chorizo & chorizo Iberico? Bonus point if you can name the food item in the diet of the pig that makes the difference.

5. For anyone who knows me, one of the main reasons I moved to Spain was to eat squid at the source. And then I discovered a love for pulpo (octopus), chocos (Cuttlefish), chiperones & puntallitas. All these guys squirt ink at their predators. What is the name of the family that all these guys belong to?

6. If you walk into a bar and ask for a “cortado”, what are you going to get?

7. What is The Almadraba?

8. The milk from which animal gives us Manchego cheese?

Map of Andalucia

Map of Andalucia

Section 3. People & History in Spanish Food & Wine

1. Chef and cookbook author Jose Pizarro has put Spanish food on the map in the UK. Which Spanish chef has put Spanish food on the map in the USA?

2. Which famous Scottish doctor said, “If penicillin can cure the ill, Sherry can raise the dead”?

3. Who was brought back to the UK from Spain in a cask of brandy?

4. Who wrote the book, The Cask of Amontillado?

5. Who reportedly singed the King of Spain’s beard in 1587 which heralded the beginning of the UK’s love affair with Sherry?

6. Which world-famous sauce was invented in Mahon, the capital city of Menorca, in the 18th century?

7. What is the connection between Paddington Bear and Sevilla?

8. Tomatoes and peppers haven’t always been part of the Spanish diet. In which century did they arrive in Spain and who is it thanks to?


Make sure you prepare some delicious tapas to snack on, search the recipes on my blog, and some delicious chilled Sherry, wine, or Spanish cocktails!.