Healthy Tuna Salad Recipe with Egg & Olives

tuna salad with egg, olives and peppers

In Spain we’re blessed with an abundant supply of top quality tinned tuna in olive oil. It is also extremely affordable and forms part of the daily diet. More often than not, any house salad here will feature some juicy chunks of tinned tuna. In every single bar in Vejer, one of the most popular tapas, ensaladilla, is based on tinned tuna, potatoes and olive oil. An emergency supper might even be a tinned tuna and onion omelette.

In the UK and USA, you have to pay serious money to indulge in such good quality atun.  In better food markets you will find it in jars and tins, imported from Italy and France, as well as from Spain.

One of my favourite tuna salads we create in the kitchen is based on an idea given to me by Maribel who sells fabulous fruit and veg.  She always prepares this to celebrate the arrival of the new season’s onions.

In class, I call it my store cupboard tuna salad as it can be thrown together in minutes from items you will already have in your store cupboard – along with some fresh eggs and parsley. If you have a glut of red peppers, roast and skin them for this salad.

It makes a great starter. For me it’s an essential part of a beach picnic, alongside a fabulous tortilla. It can be part of a selection of different dishes or just served on its own for lunch.

The quantities are really vague as it’s not at all important to be precise – just try to get a balance of each ingredient. Here, then, is my Spanish-style healthy tuna salad recipe with eggs and olives…


You will need:

  • 1 x tin good quality tinned tuna approx. 150g or more
  • 1 x small or 1/2 large finely sliced mild onion
  • 2 x boiled eggs
  • 1x jar of roasted red peppers
  • Chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 3 x tbs each of capers and black olives (optional)
  • Loads of Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Lots of Sherry vinegar
  • Salt and pepper


How to make the dish:

  1. Mix all together in a bowl
  2. Leave to allow flavours to infuse
  3. Serve at room temperature

Buen Provecho!

Like my healthy tuna salad recipe with eggs and olives? Accompany it for a day on the beach with a classic tortilla.